community support for those in chronic pain/illness

The TLC Somatic Resource Center is practical holistic support for those living with chronic pain or illness

It’s not ok that so many people who need holistic health care the most, can’t access it because of limited resources. Whether it’s lack of finances, abilities, time, inadequate health insurance, fatigue and frustration with the wrong kind of care… it’s crazy making just coping with a system that doesn’t work. In the hopes that offering some resources in a community setting can make it more accessible to more people, I am forming-

The Somatic Resource Center, a  Therapeutic Learning Community offering practical holistic support, education, resources and empowerment for people living with chronic pain and illness, that will include:

Weekly meetings providing support, wellness education, therapeutic movement and exercise, self-care techniques and tools for self-empowerment:

  • Workshops in Body-Mind Therapies and balancing the nervous system; Relaxation Techniques and Breath-work, Guided imagery, Energy Therapies, SYT Yoga therapy…
  • Therapeutic movement classes Click for description of past similar classes
  • Authentic Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Guest presenters on relevant topics. Guest instructors for supplemental workshops
  • Occasional classes on diet/nutrition and creative cooking for healing
  • Self-massage
  • A supportive accepting community
  • Workshops to support care-givers
  • An on line community for continued sharing and support
  • A Student Clinic of bodyworkers offering affordable and subsidized care*
  • Additional content will be member driven 

*We are also working towards creating a community and network of capable, caring health care practitioners, that can offer bodywork and other services, in an affordable community and student clinic model.

Please call me at 413-575-1354 if you’re interested in participating