A truly holistic mind/body approach that marries the clinical to the contemplative

Our health care systems are poorly equipped to help us with multifaceted chronic conditions that don’t fit squarely into a diagnosis and don’t respond to cookie cutter protocols. Maybe they’ve called it Fibromyalgia, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, PTSD, MCS, TBI, DJD, migraine, anxiety, sciatica, neuralgia…and maybe you have a history of trauma, neglect, depression, addiction…but the names and the treatments don’t do enough to put the puzzle together so you can feel whole. 

I offer a rare multi-disciplined approach that looks at you as a whole person, that connects the dots, between your emotional/psychological experiences, habitual patterns and physical symptoms. My work has been continuously evolving for the past 35 years, integrating many somatic disciplines, mind-body, manual and movement therapies

  • What might your digestive disorder and anxiety have to do with your back pain and insomnia
  • How can relaxation practices and changes to your diet and daily routine help your fatigue, migraines, and joint pain.
  • Why cultivating present moment awareness helps us heal from trauma and manage chronic pain

We focus on regulating the nervous system, so your body can remember how to heal, how to feel what’s good. We aim to restore myofascial integrity, cultivate a calm wise adult response when you’re emotionally triggered, and support a natural and dynamic equilibrium between all your body’s systems 

Your body holds your history. But you determine your future by being in the present

Here, the worlds of clinical bodywork, movement and yoga therapy, somatic psychotherapy, physiotherapy, orthopedic massage therapy, Myofascial release, holistic health coaching, nutrition, ayurvedic approaches and eco-medicine meet and seamlessly interact. 

You don’t have to do it aloneyou don’t have the time, energy, expertise…but no one else can do it for you. Together we can develop a customized, personal approach to healing and find the way out of the vicious cycles so you can move forward less weighed down.


This is a creative, collaborative, in-the-moment body therapy, informed by current scientific thinking and ancient wisdom traditions.

Breathe free…Move free…Pain free


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