Breathe Free… Move Free… Pain Free

Therapeutic Movement from many somatic disciplines, Postural and Neuromuscular Re-education and Corrective Exercises are among the tools I integrate in private therapy sessions, as well as for group classes.

  • Are you healing from injury or experiencing restricted movement and function? Want a more personalized approach that takes into account your unique movement challenges and pain issues? Join us so we can support each other in our healing process and get stronger together. Call for a private session or to form a small group
    • I can start a new class if you have a group of five interested students and we can customize for specific populations; women over 40, rehabilitative, elderly…
    Ask about the Therapeutic movement and healing coursea fun, safe, healing environment that addresses participants’ individual needs, creatively combining dance, movement and mind-body therapies, neuro-muscular re-education, structural yoga therapy, somatic disciplines, relaxation techniques, breath work and imagery
    **NOTE: There are currently no weekly movement group classes. Please call ahead to find out if/what classes are offered
  • Weekly movement classes for all levels can include:
    • creative guided warm-up to begin, that grounds your body and frees up your being
    • great music from around the world
    • stretching, strengthening, lumbar, pelvic, shoulder stabilization and core building, yoga, dance, range of motion, somatic work
    • additional specific focus and lesson determined by students’ needs
  • Are you a movement artist, dancer or just love to move in creative, collaborative ways?   You might be interested in helping to re-establish DancersDialog  A playful peer group for movement artists, 

“I’ve never been to a fitness, exercise or dance class like this before!”